Unknown IE on Qsig-Link

Hi all,

I have a Qsig link over a TE210P card between my asterisk box and a meridian 81c which worked very well.
My problem is that no name is transmitted in both directions.

I always get messages like.
!! Unknown IE 49 (cs5, Unknown Information Element) !! Unknown IE 50 (cs5, Unknown Information Element)

My iax/sip clients contains the callerid like callerid=“name”

My Zapata.conf section is like

;span 2 TE210P Card 0
facilityenable = yes
resetinterval = 100000000

any ideas ?

thanks in advance


Did you ever resolve this issue? I have an option 11c with a PRI to an asterisk box. Name and number works from asterisk to nortel but not the other way around. I receive unknown, unknown.

Not really, but in the meanwhile my box is out of date. Version. 1.2.12 but it still in production with 25 seats :smile:
unfortunately political minds changed in my company and i’m not really often playing around with asterisk in the moment.
Below to links regarding to this issue.

Thanks for the info. I’ll dig into it.

The funny thing is that we get callerid info from the option11c if the call is from the PSTN. If a Nortel extension dials an Asterisk extension we receive unknown/unknown.

My configuration is a bit different than yours though. I’m using a DTI/PRI card in the Nortel, connected to a TE420 in the Asterisk. PRI signalling with a switch type of 5ess (lucent)

ive run into this before… im trying to remember but it is in the nortel config… I believe it has to do with sending the name / number in the setup message versus sending in the IE. im trying to remember where it is. I know its in the LD 17 settings for your D-channel. you might try running NI2 as i have had much better luck … you would set this in the IFC paramater of your D-channel config (on the meridian)

for the gentleman using qsig on his asterisk you have to have the qsig-22 package installed on your Meridian to use qsig… again maybe try NI2 unless you need the qsig functionality between the 2…


If I configure the d-channel to NI2 on the Nortel, should the asterisk side be set as ‘national’ for the switchtype in zapata.conf ?

yes you would set the asterisk side to national, having not personally configged a PRI in asterisk im not sure of the exact settings. but NI2 is also considered National ISDN

I realize this is quite old now but we are using QSIG and getting name and number.