Uninstall tdm 2400

I have an analog card TDM 2400p in span 1 (channels 1-24) and Digital card in span 2 (channels 25-48). I am planning to remove/uninstall the analog card. Would I need to “modprobe -r wctdm24xxp” to remove the modules from the kernel? Also, is it necessary to change the /etc/zaptel.conf or the /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf ? What if I add a different analog card to the slot where the previous analog card was located?

Are you physically removing the card or just removing it from configuration so that it won’t be used?

Physically remove the card.

Just a curiosity, is there a make uninstall on zaptel? Then remove the card phisically, then install zaptel again this time with ztdummy? Is this possible?

No need to remove the wctdm24xxp driver because the system is going to be powered off when you remove the card. You will need to remove the channels in zaptel.conf and zapata.conf for the analog channels. You will probably have to change extensions.conf also.

I believe with 1.4 of Zaptel you can do ‘make uninstall-modules’. There isn’t a reason to do what you are saying as in Zaptel 1.2, all modules get build even if there is not a corresponding peice of hardware in the system. You would have to edit the Makefile to only build the modules you need. In Zaptel 1.4, you can select and unselect the modules you need for you hardware using ‘make menuselect’.