Unified Company Directory with more then one server

We have two servers one in the main office and one in a remote office connected vua a point to point. Both using Asterisk 1.2.17 working without issues.

What I’m looking to do is create a unified company directory. You know when you can dial a main number and press # for the directory to dial by name. Currently when you do this you get the list of names for that office. I want it to have and present the names for both offices as one list so you can dial an extension that resides on either system from either system.

I’d like to dial either office and get the full employee listing of 38 employees (one has 29 and the other has 9). How can I do this easly?

The last part would be to also allow it to use the pre-recorded voice of each employee when they say there name. That I guess I’ll need to rsync the files over if and when I get to that part.

Sounds like a good candidate for realtime. See doc/README.realtime in your source tree.