Understanding voicemail contexts - blocking forwarding across contexts

I’m looking into an odd behavior in app_voicemail and before I try fixing it I thought I’d double check and see if I’m missing something…

The issue relates to forwarding a message, and I’ve noticed a couple things.

When the user is prompted for an extension (after pressing 1), the system finds the extension regardless of the context. Is that intentional for some reason? I want to prevent that, but not sure if there’s a reason this was left possible?

I haven’t found anything that explains why contexts exist when they seem to be unified in this manner?

Secondly, I noticed that when you select to use the directory, the system, only uses the default directory - not the directory associated with the the mailbox (because there’s no way to do this, correct?) In this case for us I might just disable the directory option, or perhaps determine a way to associate the directory with the context?

Again, maybe reasons this doesn’t work or any feedback / pointers at things I haven’t thought of would be great.

Our intention is to change this behavior but knowing if it’s intentional or if another way to do this exists would be great. If there’s agreement this would be a good thing to fix, we could maybe prepare the change as a patch? I’m sure we can change it to our needs only if the change is not desirable.

In that case we might have more questions in order to get a bit of guidance complying with standards, etc.



Is this the best place to post this sort of thing? I’d hoped for some feedback - at least to know if we were doing the wrong thing / or missing the proper way to implement? At the moment, we’ve created a patch which addresses what we view as the broken functionality - it basically blocks forwarding messages across contexts. Not sure if that would be helpful to anyone else or if there’s a reason things are the way they are? Cheers

Oh one other thing… we’ve also noticed the voicemail system seems to suffer from “issues” as in lost softlinks (not related to the FreePBX bug https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-8008 ) - and a few other things like file permission issues etc. so we’ve started watching for those inconsistencies - the issues seem to occur as far back as 1.4 all the way up to asterisk 16 - so far haven’t found a cause, but as they interfere with things like the MWI functions, etc. they definitely seem worth auditing.
Any comment on that is welcome too :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

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