Understanding Config w Lync


Being new to this technoloogy, forgive me if these questions seem somewhat basic.

We are deploying Lync 2010 … it is a relatively simple implementation. (Single insatnce many components on a single server)

We are trying to understand the base configuration allowing VoIP integration. Our understanding is AsteriskNow is a SIP trunk facilitoator capable of using the Skype GW.

So just trying to understand the details, we would require an AsteriskNow server ($66), a Skype business subscription and Lync. The cominatioon of these would allow us to conduct outgoing calls and accept incoming calls thru the Skype GW at a reasonable cost per call. Our understanding is the Lync features that integrate with voice would be available using this configuration.

Any insight would be extremely helpful.

Regards Ron

This is not the support forum. It is not even the AsteriskNow part of forums.

Lync and Asterisk are competitors for the same market. Asterisk is not a “trunk facilitator”, it is a multi-technology PABX. I get the impression that Lync implements SIP in non-standard ways, that have made integration difficult.

AsteriskNow costs nothing, but the hardware to run it on would normally cost rather more than USD 66.

I believe that Digium’s Skype gateway product has been withdrawn (disruptivetelephony.com/2011 … t-era.html), possibly because Skype (I think this happened before the Microsoft takeover) withdrew their licensing for the product. In turn they probably did this because people where using SIP ITSPs, rather than Skypein or out, denying them revenue.

I would note that Lync and Skype are now owned by the same company. If the withdrawal was post Microsoft, it will probably be because Asterisk competes with Lync, as well.