Understanding CEL reports


I’m trying to understand why the CEL reports don’t look correct.

For example, I have an incoming call that generates a CHAN_START with the details expected:

eventtype: ‘CHAN_START’
eventtime: ‘2020-05-20 09:55:01’
cid_num: ‘+447763xxxxxx’
exten: ‘+441423xxxxxx’

The DDI dialled is then looked up in a DB to an extension number, in this case 5001 and then a Goto context is used in the dialplan ‘Goto(context, ${LOOKED_UP_EXTEN},1)’

But the outgoing channel cid and exten are not what I would expect:

eventtype: ‘CHAN_START’
eventtime: ‘2020-05-20 09:55:02’
cid_num: ‘5001’
exten: ‘s’

So the confusing thing in the 2nd channel is:

  1. The destination is shown in the cid_num field.
  2. The exten field is ‘s’ although it doesn’t go to an ‘s’ extension.

The answer event for the channel isnt much better, it shows the cli and dst as the same number:

eventtype: ‘ANSWER’
eventtime: ‘2020-05-20 09:55:05’
cid_num: ‘5001’
exten: ‘5001’

The CLI on the call is correct, the extension 5001 id dialled and the CLI is the +447763xxxxxx - but the CEL logs look strange.

Can anyone help me understand whats going on?

Many thanks

I think part of the issue may be timing of when the data is snapshot’ted into those events. Too early in channel setup, or too late in tear down, and you get more/less useful information populated.

Are you able to pull together enough data from other CEL eventtypes besides CHAN_START and ANSWER ?

Could adding some CELGenUserEvent() application calls in your dialplan get you what you need ?

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