Unbelievable fake High duration

Hi All,

I have installed Asterisk 1.2.24 with MySQL Realtime database. We faced several time for high fake duration in cdr table. I hired one guy from asteriskguru to solve this problem he was also not able to solve it.

I would like to check here if some one have the solutions to avoid this fake duration.

We developed our own Billing Application and we are taking data info from Asterisk CDR table to bill the customers, But once this high fake duration coming my customer accounts goes in negative.

Why I am telling fake duration because I check to my provider CDR I did not found that much duration for that particular call so it was only hanged in asterisk.

Here is my cdr table output Maybe it will help to find the problem.

Duration : 10885
BillSec: 10861

Hello Friends,

Is i am alone facing this problem? because no one response me. Please help me it is really very important project for me. :frowning:

Thank you in advance

We use C code to get CDR data directly from Asterisk because our billing solution is using own application for increased speed which can not be achieved with AGI.

We never had such problem so I can only guess that as you use DeadAGI your channel hangs up and CDR is not generated after real call ends. Hope that will lead to right direction.

Mindaugas Kezys
MOR - Advanced Billing for Asterisk PBX