Unauthenticated Gateways for wholesale VOIP


I’m new to asterisk and I’m just playing with a test box to see if it is viable for a small scale, wholesale SIP transit softswitch.

I don’t need PBX features, I just want an incoming SIP trunk and an outgoing SIP trunk, the only catch is they both most be unauthenticated. Based solely on Source IP address.

In my mind this should be the simplest of set-ups but I’m struggling to get the unauthenticated to work both sides.

I’ve done some googling but haven’t come up with a clear example. Could someone point me in the right direction?


The basic rule here is that you provide us with what you have tried and we tell you what is wrong.

A PABX is likely to be an overkill for this application. Consider using a proxy, instead.