Unable to update new configurations


I have ported Asterisk/ and Asterisk GUI-version to powerpc.
I am able to login to Asterisk through gui interface.
For this is have edited managers.conf (changed port and bindaddress).
But i am unable to change the configurations of asterisk (adding dialplans , adding users, etc).
If i directly edit the users.conf , those changes are reflecting on the web pages.

Please provide solution to update the configuration files through GUI

Thanks in advance.

Deepak BK


I think it’s a right issue.

Is your web daemon launcher as root ? Does the user running the http daemon has the correct rights to modify config files ?


Asterisk 1.4 is obsolete.

I tend to agree this is a permissions problem, either as the result of the webserver being non-root, or the use of SELINUX.