Unable to register eyebeam from KSA to to Autrailia

Dear All,

i am having problem in registering eyebeam softphone from KSA to server in Austrailia. i have scan server from my lopatop and it shows that the udp port 5060 is open. but when i tried to register my eyebeam softphone to the server it does not register. on server i enabled the traces but it is not getting any sip packet. on my laptop it is continuously sending registeration request to server and did not get any response from server and after trying soft phone show timeout 408 error.

Thanks in Advance.



Based on your description, it sounds like the softphone is sending the registration request but it is blocked somewhere before it reaches your server. I suggest to check the firewall setting on the LAN/Router that hosts your server and on the server itself.

allow in firewall. even when i scan ports from my laptop in jeddah it shows that the prot 5060 is open. but still unable to register phone

I suggest to record the network traffic. To perform this task, you can install wireshark on your laptop.

i already installed wireshark on my laptop. it shows that softphone is sending register request but did not receive any reply and on server tcpdump show that it did not get any request. no blocking on source and destination. how i can check where these packet are being blocked/droped.

by installing pptpd vpn now the voice registeration issue has been resolved but facing too much degraded voice on pptpd. any suggestion to make it work perfectly.