Unable to load module res_parking.so?


I’m running Asterisk 18.0.1 and for some reason, after playing abit with the parking module and changing some options in the res_parking.conf I cannot load the module anymore:

module load res_parking.so
Unable to load module res_parking.so
Command ‘module load res_parking.so’ failed.
[Nov 24 08:06:27] – Remove parkedcalls/700/1, registrar=res_parking; con=((nil)); con->root=(nil)

What can I do to make it work again?

Fix the faulty options. There should be log lines at some logging level, which identify those. Without those, and/or the actual content of the file, I don’t see that one can be any more specific.

I have replace my original file with a new one and it’s working now.
Is there any way to list active parked calls?
Nevermind: parking show default

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