Unable to load config h323.conf, H.323 disabled

Hi, I have installed the h323 support driver for asterisk. Its done without any problems. Except, i cant find the h323.conf file. When i start the asterisk server by using

asterisk -c

its starts fine but with a notice message which says:

[size=150]…Jun 22 14:23:51 NOTICE[4560]: chan_h323.c:2013 reload_config: Unable to load config h323.conf, H.323 disabled[/size]

i have looked for h323.conf file in the /etc/asterisk dir where all config files are placed but there is no sighn of h323.conf.

so anybody who can help with this problem?

no config = no functionality
H323 disabled.

thats pretty obvious. but i want to know y is it so. i have installed everything as instructed, then y si this h323.conf file missing?

i used the following link instructions to install the h323 support:

plz help

from lik You posted:
"Asterisk should load ans start."
Ther is no information about h323.conf
but look into
ther is a file… h323.conf.samlpe

Yes there is but what to do with it. i mean, i manually renamed the h323.conf.sample to h323.conf and placed it in /etc/asterisk/ dir but still it does not load it.