Unable to install Asterisk on Dell Optiplex 320

Can someone help i just purchase a Dell Optiplex 320 to install astrisk on but is dill not install
Can someone help me

If you want help, you will need to provide information to help people here help you.

How are you installing it? On which distro? What problems or errors are you experiencing?

I’m loading from the CD.
I put the CD in Boot the computer, the CD loads i press enter it scroll through the checks and stop at isapnp:scanning fo PnP cards… and stop

This is a Dell Optiplex 320 with SATA drives

I’m trying to install Asterisk NOW.
I have a server in production. we are trying to upgrade to a new PC.

I have the same problem ! After the instalation, the system “freeze” after grub.
On debian i fix it replacing the GRUB for LILO !

How can i fix it ?

Try upgrading the firmware on the BIOS and see what happens. You may want to also email the asterisk users list (since more than one of you has this issue). lists.digium.com

Also Google is your friend. This is what I found:
google.com/search?q=asterisk … =firefox-a
centos.org/modules/newbb/vie … ic_id=6887