Unable to initiate a call from astautodialer

I’ve asteriskwin32 application running on WinXP. I’ve broadband Internet connection. I’m keen to initiate a call and test this bulk dialer application.

I get to experience below problem when tried to execute it.

  1. I’ve installed PBX Manager Lite and attempted to configure voice boards by logging as ‘admin’ to specify the phone number. On stopping PBX manager and restarting it, in order to have the modified change impact, it shows the following

  2. I’ve installed astautodialer application and want to initiate a call. Specified the phone number, configured the manager login and selected ‘IAX2voipjet’ as channel and on clicking ‘Go’ it displays ‘Started dialing’ and hangs. Does not display any more messages.

However, I get to see following message in asterisk GUI console

“chan_iasx2.c:2803 create_addr: No such host: voipjet
channel.c:2521 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to request channel IAX2/5390@voipjet/+…”

  1. when i select channel as ‘SIPbroadvoice’ it starts dialing but hangs. Does not display any exception

However, I get to see following message in asterisk GUI console

“chan_celliax.c:5201 do_controldev_thread: In do_controldev_thread: started, p=7426272
chan_celliax.c:5460 celliax_mini_packet: CALLFLOW_INCOMING_RING from the soundcard
chan_celliax.c:3050 celliax_answer_NO_SERIAL: call ongoing
channel.c:789 channel_find_locked: Avoided initial deadlock for ‘0x6d6c8’, 10 retries!
chan_celliax.c:3350 celliax_hangup: Hanging Up
chan_celliax.c:3304 celliax_hangup: Hanged Up”