Unable to find DialPlans menu on EasyPBX v2.10

I used asterisk gui with asterisk 1.4 and I had the menu “Dial Plans” with this description:
A Dial Plan is a collection of Outgoing Call Rules. Dial Plans are assigned to Users to specify the dialing permissions they have. For example, you might have one Dial Plan for local calling only permits users of That That Dial Plan to dial local numbers, via the “local” outgoing calling rule. Another user may be permitted to dial long distance numbers, and so would have a Dial Plan Both That includes the “local” and “longdistance” outgoing calling rules.

I installed asterisknow 2.0.2 with Asterisk 1.8, easypbx 2.10 and I can not find this menu.
Is there a way similar to cluster so that users can only use the predefined trunks?

Sip/71, Sip/72, Sip/73, Sip/74 must use the outgoing Trunk1 or Trunk2
Sip/75, Sip/76, Sip/77, Sip/78 must use the outgoing Trunk3