Unable to configure Voiptrunk Peer mode 1,6


I have an AsteriskNow installation up and running with out any major issues.

the only problem I have right now is that I cannot configure a VOIP Trunk in Peer mode.
I used the Asterisk Now Web GUI to configure the VOIP trunk which is up and running.
Trunk is sending the registrations. I have added the type=peer in the users.conf in the trunk configuration but it is still the same, with no luck.

Any suggestions?

Try using a support forum. Try using an AsteriskNow one!

Don’t use a version of Asterisk that is no longer even receiving security fixes, for a new installation. Don’t use a sub-version which is well behind the leading edge sub-version for that version.

Thank you David.
I will consider moving to a newer version, I think this is the best way to stay uptodate.