Unable to capture # using read function

i want to capture hash key using read function in macro. is there any way out for the same. background is alternate for the same but how it could be used in macro?? Pls help me out

Hi Pratap,

You need to do following changes in asterisk source code to capture hash dtmf using Read function

/<Asterisk path>/app_read.c

Function:     static int read_exec (struct ast_channel *chan, void *data)

<Asterisk path>/main/app.c

Function:    enum ast_getdata_result ast_app_getdata (struct ast_channel *c, const char *prompt, char *s, int maxlen, int timeout)

replace hash with dot.

Reeju jain

Hi Reeju,

Thanks a lot, it worked for me. :smile:

With Regards,
Pratap Thakur