Ubuntu Asterisk Berofix doesnt make Call

Hello my freinds,

i have a Ubuntu Systeme 10.4 with Asterisk newest Version from this Site and a Berofix Card with 4 ISDN.

My Problem is i can not make a call outside.

I see the Card in the Webinterface an everything is Green ( Status and ISDN)

My Voip SNOM320 are still running inside, i can call extension but not outside for example a mobile Phone.

I get no Error Message in Asterisk

has anyone an idea

thank you for helping

Poor information to assist.
Provide at least Your dialplan for the SNOM320-context as well as the sip status of the berofix card. (As the card itself is working there may be a missconfiguration within asterisk thus the interaction between asterisk and the card doesn’t work)