Two repeated 183

When endpoint A call to endpoint B, if the endpoint B response 183, In this case, the endpoint A will be received two repeated 183 response.
I had found it is becasue in res/res_pjsip_session.c
“session_inv_on_state_changed” and “session_inv_on_tsx_state_changed” all call the “handle_incoming_response”,one is AST_SIP_SESSION_BEFORE_MEDIA, another is AST_SIP_SESSION_AFTER_MEDIA, but in chan_pjsip.c they only has one callback “chan_pjsip_incoming_response”, so it will call “ast_queue_control(session->channel, AST_CONTROL_PROGRESS)” twice, so will get tow PROGRESS.
Do we have a way to change this repetitive behavior?

It is not a protocol error. Why is it a problem for you?

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