Two phones for one extension

Hi there,

first of all: this is my first post here and asterisk is quite new for me.

I have installed and configured the latest elastix.

Now to my problem:
All staffs have two phones. One snom 370 and one DECT.

If I call staff (A) the snom and the DECT phone should ring.
All other staffs should see a blinking LED on their phone.
If staff (A) is using the snom OR the DECT phone, all other staffs should see a lit up LED.

In other words: I want the normal BLF-functionality but instead for one phone it should work for a group of phones.

I hope anyone could help me.

Thanks in advance.

you need to look into devstate as it will allow you to create hints on any status, also there is a version so it will report the state of a exten and not a device


But I don’t have a Bristuffed-version (I think ?). I am using a standard elastix distri.
But I can not use 2 devices on one extension, do I?