Hi, i’m programing an IVR and i want to use a tts for the voice messages but i don’t know how to call the tts (i want to use festival) or how to pass the text messages from my AGI (witch i’m programing in PHP), because for agi theres no Festival command. Pls if anyone know how to do that i would really apreciate some help

I am not sure if it would help.

There is an application Festival() (on CLI> show application Festival)

Then there is an agi application exec() (on CLI> show agi exec):

CLI> show agi exec
Usage: EXEC
Executes with given .
Returns whatever the application returns, or -2 on failure to find application


$agi->exec(“Festival”,"‘Getting the Feed from unmediated dot org’");

and also try:

exec(“echo ‘Getting the feed from unmediated dot org’ | /usr/bin/text2wave -scale 1.5 -F 8000 -o /tmp/temp.wav”);

Actually both are from php script:

You still could try to search for more examples with Google.