Trying to figure out what version and how to upgrade

I’m trying to figure out what version of AsteriskNow(?) I have and how to upgrade. This is on a VMware VM. The main page when I log onto the web admin page says FreePBX and has an *NOW icon on the upper button bar.
System Overview shows FreePBX
Asterisk Info shows Asterisk (Ver. 11.16.0)
System Admin shows PBX Firmware as 6.12.65-26 & PBX Service Pack:

If I do a download of support files (FreePBX Versions) I see
asteriskinfo: 12.0.2
(not sure what else is relevant)

So, what version am I running and how do I upgrade? Since I’m not running any digium hardware can I upgrade to straight FreePBX?

I would recommend asking for help upgrading on the FreePBX Community forum.