Trying to explain parking feature with a story

Here is a little story of what i’ve achived and what i dream to achive… :blush:

I have extension 10 and my manager has the extension 20. A call is coming from outside, i pick it up and say
-“Hello, how can i help you…?”.
-“I would like to talk with your manager, i’m a police officer…”
-“Just a moment,please”
------------------------The present state---------------------------------
I am parking the call, dialing #70. Asterisk says “your call is parked at extension 71”. I hang up the phone. I dial 20(manager’s extension).
-“Mr.Manager, the police is on the phone,searching for you”
-“Give me the call NOW!”
-“Please dial 71 to get the call…thank you” (This is the first scenario)

-“Mr.Manager, the police is on the phone,searching for you”
-“Tell them, i am not here” (The second scenario)
So, i have to hang up again and dial 71 to get the call back(un-parked) and tell him a lie…
--------------------The state i dream to do------------------------------
(As in a company that i worked, but they use an analog PBX)
The only thing i had to do is, dial the extension 20, speak with manager and if he wanted the call i had to push the Transfer key and hang up.
Or i had to press #20, speak to the manager and if he wanted the call i had only to hang up the phone…so simple (without any intermediary calls and extensions or parkings)…
Is this possible with asterisk…?
Excuse me for the long story, but i didn’t know how to explain all this!
Thank you


This is called a supervised transfer.

Not sure what phones you use, But most if not all Sip phones will support this method of transfer,

You can even do this nativly with asterisk zap channels by setting up features.conf correctly to do so.


Great news! Thank you… I use softphones and analog devices (i’m in testing proccess, yet). I only use SIP channel. Is there any guide or can you give me some example of features.conf on how to start?
Thanks a lot

I think the topic can be closed… In this link is everything…
Thanks again…