Trying to change startup parameters

My Asterisk 17 is running with Ubuntu. It starts automatically when the system boots.

I want it to start with the -g option to create a debug file when it crashes.

Can someone tell me how to change the options used when Asterisk starts? Is there a file somewhere that can be edited/changed?

I don’t have Asterisk running on any Ubuntu hosts. However, I do have 1 on Raspbian. Since both Ubuntu and Raspbian are Debian based, this may be relevant.

If you look at '/lib/systemd/system/asterisk.service' you should see:

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/asterisk -g -f -U asterisk
ExecReload=/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx 'core reload'

And then just a couple of lines further on, you should see instructions on how to add or override existing directives in a way that should survive an update.

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