Trunk To extension

I have a number of trunks setup to go to certain sip providers, based on the area code of the outgoing call.

I want to have execptions, like all 212 area codes go to MySip Provider, but if someone enters a specific 212 number like 1-212-411-0000, I want it to go directly to extension 411, not to go out using trunk MySip Provider.
How Can I do this?



You have to set the different number prefix for area code 212 and the specific 212 number. Such as 212 for area code, 212-411 for specific number.


Doyou have a specific sample on how to do this?

I’m speficically using Asterisk@home, how would I setup and outgoing trunk which will takte 1-212-411-0000 and send it to extension 411.