Trunk IAX queues CallerID

I have a problem and i find the solution
I have a GATEWAY and 3/4 HOST in different location
The GATEWAY are connect with SIP to provider and i want trasfer the call to the HOST
In the HOST there is the switch analog with the SW for managment and statistic.
The switch for all function have need the CALLERID, and set a limit call for every trunks IAX
Now i trasfer all call to one HOST with LSWITCH
The HOST is connected with trunk IAX
What is the best solution?

The default configuration for connecting SIP to IAX will pass the caller ID through.

Yes, if redirect SIP to IAX is ok.
If i have a queues dont pass, but arrive a number of queues.
I use DEBIAN 7 with ASTERISK 11

You’ll probably need to provide some more details about your scenario, such as a better explanation of your network topology, and your relevant extensions.conf, sip.conf, and iax.conf in order for people to understand better.

Matthew Fredrickson