Trunk group and Outgoing routes

Dear All,

I am running Asterisk 1.8.7, I have 8 FXO ports = port 1-4 are FWT channels and port 5-8 are connected to other PBX.

  • There is no using dial-prefix for FWT group outgoing route
  • There is must using 9 as dial-prefix for OTHER_PBX group

for outgoing call user does not use dial-prefix, but when there is no available line in FWT group then the system must automatically use OTHER_PBX group and must automatically use 9 as dial-prefix…

my question are:

  • how to create trunk group? … FWT and OTHER_PBX group
  • how to set automatic outgoing route using either FWT then OTHER_PBX (if there is no available line in FWT group)

please help

Thanks & Regards