Trunk Call Setting in Zaptel Channel

Hi to All,
Love to them who’s help me!
I’ve setup TrixBox 2.0, I configured the locals soft phones and each phone can talk to each others.
Now its time to setup the Zap Trunk.

I am having X101 Clone card as FXO card
Plugged the PSTN line into line port.
My PSTN info are
country code: 92 (Pakistan)
Area code: 051-(Islamabad)
Ph #: 2110136
When I dialed my numebr from cell phone,The Trunk Zap 1 on FOP Gives out Red and shows Calling. This indicate the Zaptel is fine but I need to tune Trunk call setting and than inbound route so that I can play the IVR over it.
How can I set up this info into the Trunk Call setting and than how to configure the inbound route.
Please help me
Best regards

Numan Khan

it’s had been solved then.