Truncated number from wired phone on a SIP box

Hi all,

I have a strange stuff happening.
I’m using my Internet access box which has SIP feature. I’ve connected a wired telephone to it and it can receive SIP calls properly.
But when dialing out, it seems that numbers are truncated thus Asterisk said that the extension is invalid as I’ve setup extensions.conf to allow only UK calls.

Dialing: 0044208123456
And in asterisk -r I can see it is trying to dial

The end of the number had been truncated.

But if I press on Redial, then it’s OK.
It does not happen when dialing from software or wireless phone as the number is buffered and sent out when you press on the green button of the phone.

Anyone has an idea how to fix this?
Maybe there is a way to tell asterisk to wait for more time before considering that the number had been fully dialed?


You should look into the dial plan of the internet access box with the phone attached.

It may have a dial plan that is telling it that it only wants 12 digits or something like that.

Try to replace the telephone. Probably the problem with DTMF generation/recognition.