Truely unified messaging

if someone can come up with a way to have truely unified messaging, that would be worht some bounties…

right now we get Faxes and Voicemails held in Asterisk as well as a copy e-mailed to our e-mail accounts.

ideally, there would be 1 copy… if i check my VM with e-mail or call in with my SIP Phone, the message waiting indicator would turn off on the polycom IP phone…

e-mail me for clarification:

one idea:
if Q-mail has the mail as “read” then it would turn off the messaging waiting indicator… Q-mail could hold the message (not asterisk or e-mail). a notification could be sent to the phone to turn on its MWI as well as a notification could be sent to e-mail. once the VM is listened to on the Q-mail sever, then a message is sent to the phone and user saying “no more VM’s”