Troubleshooting tools

What are people using to simulate calls for troubleshooting? I’ve installed tshark on our asterisk boxes, am processing dumps with Wireshark’s SIP and VoIP, have enabled -vvv at startup to watch the console, enabled Notice in the logger.conf, but the biggest tool that is missing is some kind of softphone via the command-line. Googling shows that several people have asked for this but been redirected to sipsak. If someone has sipsak registering with Asterisk and simulating calls, can you give an example? Or whatever tool you’re using …

You can use sipp too, .
Sorry but I don’t have any examples to share.


Marco Bruni

Looks awesome. Will check it out after the holidays …

If you are looking for a command line sip soft phone. Try this one. … amples.htm