Trixbox is not executing CURL


I have install trixbox 2.8 on centos. (the asterisk version is

I want to make the IVRs flow. In which I have to fetch the data from the URL.
For that I have used the CURL in my dialplan.
My dial plan is working perfectly in Only Asterisk. But when I put the same dialplan in TrixBox, ( i.e for fetching data from URL )
its not executing the CURL function.

Is the Trixbox IVR is not working with custom dialplan ?

Waiting for the help.

Thanks in advance.


what is the output of the following command?

you probably do not have curl installed…a yum install curl maybe will fix it.


can anyone help me for this issue.

Can you post your dialplan ? Here is what I use on trixbox:

exten => 45, 1, Set(foo=${CURL(})

I had to do a fake assignment to variable foo.