Translation Table in Asterisk/Linux

Hi ,
I hope someone can give me a direction on how to do this,
Incoming call caller ID is stored in a variable.Cant remember now what is it called but anyway
I then want to check that callerid variable against a 2d list of callerid! text description. When the incoming callerid is matched the text is returned or else ‘no match’.
Does that make sense? in some programming enviroments it might be called a translation table or an array but looking at the string functions available I cant figure out how to even start…Can you use arrays in asterisk?

You can use ASTDB.

Or, if the table is fixed you can make the index an extension in a subroutine call.

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Thanks David I will have a look at ASTDB.

Yes the database idea works perfectly for my application. I found this blog which described exactly what I wanted to do …
Thanks again David for reply I am sorted now.

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