Transfer with return to first Leg

Hi everyone!
We have issue with closing first channel after transfer. What i mean:
In Local context created originating call to client. Lets call it Leg A. After answer, there is starting ari script with some logic, playing some information, and after that Dial to external system, Leg B. This external system make Transfer on another number, witch we have in context on our asterisk. When asterisk make a transfer (leg C), it brigging Leg B and C, closing Leg A. This is a problem: after finishing call on Leg C we need to retun to Local context on Leg A and continue its logic.
Earlier, we make a Dial insted of Transfer on external system, but this disision make another point to transfer media data, and we can have a loop.
Is any Dial application flag or dialplan configuration can allow to keep first Leg opened, and return to its own logic after finishing Leg C?
Asterisk 16.2.1
Thanks for any suggestions!

You need to provide details of how the other system is performing the transfer, e.g. flash recall, H.323, SIP (with several possible variations), Asterisk feature codes, etc.

I’m particularly confused about what sort of transfer scenario would leave B in the resulting call, as B sounds like the transferor, which would normally leave the call.

At the moment, the closest I can come to your scenario is that Asterisk doesn’t see a transfer and only sees a normal clearing of the original leg to B, in which case, if you were using the Dial application, the G option would keep A. I’ve not use ARI, but I would have thought its primitives were so low level that you would have to explicitly propagate the hangup to A, which makes me think that I don’t really understand the scenario.

In any case, Asterisk isn’t going to associate C with A, so C clearing won’t have an impact on A.

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