Transfer Failed with Cisco 7960 using SIP

Good Day Everyone,
I have an interesting one and I know that I am just missing something simple…
I have a very small system with two Cisco 7960 phones that I configured manually at the phone (No TFTP server). All seems to work fine except when you try to transfer an outside caller (Calling in on an FXO port).

Caller calls in to a voice menu and dials extension 235. 235 answers and hits the transfer button, then dials 245, waits for 245 to answer the call and then presses the transfer button again. The phone is displaying “Transfer Failed”. I have both users set up with Transfer=yes.

Does anyone have an idea on what else I could look at? I think I have been troubleshooting this so much that I have developed tunnel vision and can’t see out.

The system is / Dahdi (Latest version) with a Sangoma a200 card


I had a similar problem, and have Cisco 7960 phones.

You can see my thread here:

I downgraded to and the problem went away.

I haven’t tried or 1.4.24.rc1 so those builds might also have corrected the issue.

Hope that helps,