Transfer dropping calls

When doing transfers the call drops as follows:

  1. I receive a call (internal or not)
  2. I dial *2, wait for transfer sound plus dialtone
  3. I dial for destinantion person, who pickups the phone
  4. We talk to each other
  5. I hangup my phone and the call drops

if I dial * when talking with destination person a got the original call back

The same occurs with blind transfers

We are using Asterisk and X-lite softphones.

Thanks people


This might well be intended behaviour.

Once a blind transfer is started, the intermdiary is out of the circult so I don’t understand what you mean by it also happens for blind transfers.

Assisted and Blinded transfer are not working at all

On assisted transfer I can talk with the destination person but when I hangup and the call drops

On blinded the call just drops.