Transfer calls after office hours to another PABX


We have 2 PBX systems running asterisk. PBX A is in our Head office PBX B is at our outsource contact center that we want to transfer calls to after 5.

The connection between the 2 will be over the internet so it will be IP to IP.

At 5PM everyday we want all calls that come to us just to get forwarded to their PBX. They will setup their own vicidial at their side and will answer the calls as they come in.

Any idea how to go about this?

You could use the Transfer() application, with two choices whether you answer the call before transferring or not. But I think it makes more sense to let the other box register with your service provider at 5 pm. The only thing to look at are the calls that are active at that time.

This will not be possible the other side is outsource and we transfer after 5 only if they press 2 or 3 at the prompt.

Our head office has no one in it after 5 so i just want all calls transferred to them after 5.

You can use GotoIfTime…

can we do this using iax trunk?

Yes, dialplan not depend on what type of trunk you using.

You need check document for writing dialplan .

Yes, as wrote, this can be done without worrying about the trunk…
Search for GotoIfTime over the net, or I can help you if you are more specific on your case…

They still need to go through the IVR and dial the prompts

This sounds inconsistent.

Are you saying you want all calls answered by A, run A’s dialplan, and if the caller selects 2 or 3 and it is after 5 pm, transfer the call to B?

yes the clients call the main line and they still get the prompts for dial 1 for sales and dial 2 for marketing.

if they dial 1 or 2 it gets routed to our PBX if after 5PM.

Without knowing how your dialplan implements this menu, it’s hard to say with any specificity what to do, but adding a ‘gotoiftime()’ in the sections that handle ‘1’ and ‘2’ sounds like the right thing to do.

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