Transfer call from internal only phone to external number


We currently have a number of contexts to place phones in such as ‘internal-only’, ‘internal-local’, internal-local-mobile’, ‘internal-local-mobile-national’. The ‘internal-only’ phones cannot ring outside lines but we would like for these phones to be able to reach an outside line via the main reception.

For example, extension 1111 (internal-only) calls extension 2222 (main reception) and requests that they can call a national number. Main reception then transfers 1111 to the national number. Currently the phones in the ‘internal-only’ context are cut off when the call is transferred.

Is there some way to let asterisk know that when the main reception transfers the internal phones to an external number they should be permitted to make the call


What does the Asterisk CLI shows you when transfer fails ??


Thanks for your reply. I think it is actually working. The problem appears to have been users trying to call a number that neither the first phone or the transfering were permitted to call.