Transfer Behavior

Hi all,

How can I change the transfer behavior of Asterisk?

I explain, my problem is when I try to manage a multiasterisk VoIP platform through Proxy SIP. When a UAC try transfer two calls that they are in different asterisk fails, because when a asterisk receive a REFER try join the calls… ups! :unamused:

I need that the asterisk behavior is the same that a phone, I mean, the asterisk dial a call to other asterisk to join calls.

Is this possible? Can I make this without changes in chan_sip? :open_mouth:

Very Thanks.

This is not a usual thing to do. You could experiment with promiscredir and allowexternaldomain, but even if one or both of those has some support for this usage, the miniscule number of people using them make the chances that they are broken quite high.