Total concurrent calls and the conference bridge

How does asterisk determine ‘active calls’ with the conference bridge?
Is each caller into the conference bridge considered 1 call?

From what I can see, and because we have a separate server for the conference bridge, the calls coming in are counted as calls on the primary till it’s transferred to the bridge server, at which point it becomes an active call on the bridge, and no longer shows on the primary.

I’m failing to grasp what you’re asking. Are you using some sort of GUI front-end on top of Asterisk?

I answered my own question by testing it out actually.
I was wondering how calls into the asterisk conference bridge effected the number of calls displayed in ‘core show channels’, and whether each caller to the bridge would show as an ‘active call’ while connected to the bridge.

We have a separate conference bridge server and when calls come in to the primary asterisk server, they are then forwarded off to the conference bridge. Up to the point they are transferred each caller shows up as an active call, and then it’s transferred to the conference bridge server and thus is no longer showed as an active call.