Total calls received time?

People in my company want my boss to pay the bonus depend on the total time of calls they received (a call center). My friend said that this funtion (total calls time received of everyone) is already contained in Asterisk, isn’t it? Pls help me about this function :smiley:

Sorry if i have many mistake in English ^^

If you would, let me know what criteria you want in a report. I’ll see what I can do.


I just want to know the total time of calls received by every SIP Peer. Let me explain:
I have 15 SIP Peers named: 101, 102, 103…etc

Each time we receive a call from customers, i see this:

And i think may be it’s the solution for my problem. Is there a variable that store the SIP Peer answered the call? If there is, i will add a collumn (SIP) in the database. So the Total Calls Received Time of each SIP Peer can be calculated, example for SIP Peer 104: … 676d70.png
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Total Calls Received Time =SELECT SUM(CEILING(Duration/60)) FROM CallLog WHERE SIP = 104;

Can you help me? :mrgreen:

There is no cumulative figure maintained. You need to analyse the CDRs, or, if the dialplan is even slightly non-trivial, the call event logging records.

In a call centre context, the queue logs are intended to allow this sort of information to be derived, and are a better source for the statistics typically wanted by inbound call centre managers.