Toshiba & Asterisk

We have a Toshiba phone system & PBX at my office. I have done a little research and I know that Toshiba’s will only work with Toshiba hardware, but I also read that Asterisk can be setup along-side current hardware. What we do not get from our Toshiba system is good logs. We use a program for our sales people to log all of their marketing calls manually. what we want to do is compare the manual logs with the actual phone system logs. The Toshiba system logs do not let us alter the output to the format we need, for example () charachters vs - charachter for the most part. My question for the forum is could Asterisk help us out in this area if we were to run it along-side our current phone system?

Please note that I am not a Linux professional but I have resources and am willing to tackle ANY project.

Thank you in advance for any comments. Good Day.

On the subject of logging.
Asterisk can log CDR info but you can also mold it to log just about whatever you want to wherever you want.

On the subject of integrating it with your current system.
I am not familiar with any of the Toshiba PBX systems but odds are there are others who have tried and can provide some info on the subject. Check out the links in my signature.