Too many querys searching by aors

We were trying to understand why we have so many queries being executed in our realtime database.

We identified a numerous query that was a little strange and now we are trying to understand why, possibly we are doing something wrong.

We verified that the res_odbc performs a select on the aors table for each of the connections that we originated in our application, obviously no aor is found, since the search is done by the dialed number @ ip address.

The aor is not found in the cache, the query is done in the database. We believe that this volume of queries may be affecting the performance of our environment as a whole, but we do not understand why.


[Dec 14 16:48:48] DEBUG[1672]: res_config_odbc.c:115 custom_prepare: Skip: 0; SQL: SELECT * FROM ps_aors WHERE id = ?
[Dec 14 16:48:48] DEBUG[1672]: res_config_odbc.c:134 custom_prepare: Parameter 1 ('id') = 'sip:20111111111@'

This issue only appears when you Dial() ? What does the Dial() line look like ?

yes only on dial, im using ARI:

POST to /channels
data: {
        endpoint: PJSIP/test_route/sip:20111111111@,
        context: 'answered',
        extension: 20111111111,
        timeout: 30

A Dial string allows specifying an AOR to dial which would cause a query for a lookup. It likely doesn’t try to determine if it’s a URI first before doing so.

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