Too many 200 OKs sent by Asterisk in response to Invite

We have an Asterisk server (Version 18.2.2)
We initiate inbound calls from one SIP UA to a paging group. Asterisk handles the call and returns 200 OK, but its behavior varies for types of UA softphones. Our UA softphones are linphone desktop and linphone android. For the linphone desktop, when a UA initiates a call, the softphone’s Streaming state starts immediately (Call starts in less than a second). However, for the android UAs it takes 3 seconds to emits the Streaming state. I grabbed PCAPs from both situations and found that for the android clients too many 200 OKs returned from the server.
The following screenshot shows how the server acts differently for Linphone Android UAs.

PCAPs when a call initiated from linphone android (SDK 5.0.0):
Screenshot from 2021-12-15 10-59-52

Does anyone know how I can solve the start streaming latency for our android UAs?

There is no evidence of too many OK’s being sent, only of the UAS being very slow to return ACK. This is either a network issue, or one in the phone. I don’t think anything can be done on the Asterisk side.

Thank you for your reply. I examined the Linphone Android log. It sends the ACK after setting up the StreamRunning event. I think this is because of the client’s SIP SDK.

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