Tone in my Wildcard TDM410P?


Starting my learning curve with *, I got this card:

wctdm24xxp 0000:03:02.0: Found a Wildcard TDM: Wildcard TDM410P (0 BRI spans, 4 analog channels)

Which have:

2 fxo
2 fxs

My POST line goes to 1 fxo and my phone goes to 1 fxs right?

Now, if I connect any phone to any of my FXS port I must have tone?
O a need to have my post line connected?

Thanks :smiley:

You need to have suitable software running and correctly configured.

I had confirm, don’t need my POST line connected, I have tone, for some strange reason I wasn’t getting any tone, but now I have tone and I could dial that port and my phone ring.