Toll free number, how to

I’m new in asterisk, please forgive me the way I define the things.

I have a line what is a toll free number, available to receive up to 5 calls, there is a digital telephone system already installed, in the configuration even we reroute the calls to a voip provider, or in case I have problem with them, the calls to an internal extention.

I have an asterisk system who connects to the refered provider and receive all the calls on it network card.

I’m asking myself in which way I can overpass this voip provider, and get the same functionality, please, if any hardware is needed, advice me based in experience which are more reliable, reliability is basically our problem today.

Thanks in advance for any answer

You can connect to the public network using analog regular POTS lines, i.e. the regular phone lines most people have at homes. In this case you will need to have 5 analog lines to receive the same 5 simultaneous calls. To do this you need a hadware, for example, Digium 24 ports, 8 ports and 4 ports cards for analog lines:

You will need 5 FXO ports on any of that card to connect to 5 analog lines.

The other option to use BRI, or T1/E1 depending on the country you live in. US mostly use T1, other countries E1, some Europe E1 and BRI. In this case you need digital cards, for example,

TE cards (T1/E1) can have 23 simultaneous calls for T1 and 30 calls for E1. Probably you do not need that much.

So find the local telephone service provider, ask them the prices for analog and T1/E1, choose one, buy a card, configure and good luck.

Hope I understood your question correctly. :smiley: