Toll Free Hotline Service


I scanned the forum but was unable to find the answers I needed. I need to setup a Trixbox/Asterisk box to use as a toll free hotline service. The service would allow people to …

  1. Call in and dial a 3 to 4 number extension
  2. Listen to a short message
  3. Leave a Voive Mail or Dial a number to transfer to a mobile number

I need the system to capture the Caller’s number and send a text message with the caller’s number and also give the caller the option to dial a number to receive a fax with more information.

I basically understand part of what is needed to be done but unclear on a few features.


  1. How do I setup the system to give the caller the option to dial a number to be transferred to a mobile number. Each extension could possible have a different mobile number. Sort of like a "Follow Me’ but needs to be initiated by the caller.

  2. How do I setup the system to give the caller the option to dial a number to receive a fax. Then again each extension could have a unique document to be faxed.

  3. How do I capture the majority if not all (including restricted numbers) the caller’s number and then send a text message to a mobile number (could be an email). Each extension could also have a different destination for the text message or email notification. I want the system to send this notification as soon as the caller dials the extension no matter if they leave a message or not.

  4. Then of course need the system to send a notification when the caller leaves a message.

I hope I was clear on what I am trying to accomplish and please excuse me for any misuse in terms. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your quick reply.


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Anyone? I would have thought someone by now would have chimed in. Any help would be appreciated.



  1. You can run it against a mysql databases. You can set that when they press say 1 it will look up in the db the number that needs to be called for extension x. You can also use astdb. You can set the variable via the dialplan (e.g. have some one call in and key in the number they want to be reached at or you can set it from the L/Unix shell using asterisk -rx.
  2. You would set the document that needs to be faxed the same way as above. Faxing with asterisk can be tricky. I think that CallWeaver ( a fork of asterisk 1.2.X) is a lot better for faxing.
  3. You can grab it from the ${CALLERID(all)} variable. Again you can get the specific location to text message it to with the methods in #1. You can set it earlier in the dial plan (e.g. as soon as they enter the extension) so you know you will get it. Also if you are in the US you can send a text message to most carriers by sending it to a number @ some email address (for instance with Verizon its - You can send the email via the shell).
  4. You can set an email address in voicemail.conf or in MySQL (if you are using real time) that a message was relieved. You can also set voicemail.conf to run your own custom script when ever a message is left.


Thanks for your reply and sorry I haven’t responded sooner. We need to launch a service that needs to have these features and others available. We are focusing on other projects at this time and will need to have someone to help out. Are you interested? Feel free to call me directly at 678-546-6000 ext. 8102.


Shawn: Been busy. PM me when you need it done.