TLS Implementation Certificates not exchanged

Hello community,

I followed this tutorial for secure calling between two SIP clients.

My envrironment is virtualized.

I tried this tutorial and i can make calls and the traffic is encrypted.

But the issue is that the server and the clients do not exchange certificates ( ClientHello, ServerHello messages do not exist)

What could be the problem for this one?

Thanks in advance.

From that tutorial, I see:

Next, copy the malcolm.pem and ca.crt files to the computer running the Blink soft client.

And later:

Now, we need to point the TLS account settings to the client certificate (malcolm.pem) that we copied to our computer.

And then:

Then, we’ll point the TLS server settings to the ca.crt file that we copied to our computer.

Is that the exchange you are talking about ? That is a manual process – more like configuring a private VPN where you need to copy things to the client before initiating the connection to the server, and less like pulling down public HTTPS web pages in your browser.

For more information you might try a Duck Duck Go for certificate pinning as that is the approach used in the tutorial.

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