Timeout option question

Hi, I’m not sure where to post this but I just have a question about the timeout function in asterisk. say I have a timeout for 11:55-13:00, will this reject a call that tries to come in at 11:55:01? or does it accept calls until 11:55:59?

It will match calls between 11:54:00 and 13:01:59.

There are only time matching functions, not timed call rejection ones.

[Correction, didn’t round down start of range.]

If you want to block calls in an specific time frame, you should use GotoIfTime() and create some type of dialplan logic.

Note :

[quote]If you run into the situation where you ask the question, “But I specified 17:58 and it’s now 17:59. Why is it still doing the same thing?” it should be noted that the granularity of the GotoIfTime() application is only to a two-minute period. So, if you specify 18:00 as the ending time of a period, the system will continue to perform the same way until 18:01:59.

asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edit … ECT-3.html[/quote]