Time out not working when using the G option

`The call was set correctly to run for 240 seconds:

[2022-06-19 20:47:27] VERBOSE[47612][C-0002a793] pbx.c: Executing [0533110424@dialoutbound:1586] Dial(“Local/AG-000-EA-12214@fromotherpbx-00038cea;2”, “PJSIP/10424@fs2,300,U(destChannelActions^no^wav^^pbx/9
486fbd9ec639aa19a505a653fe47324^^^^)b(pjsip_header,setpjsipheader,1)G(splitChannelActions,15201,1)L(240000)t”) in new stack
[2022-06-19 20:47:27] VERBOSE[47612][C-0002a793] features.c: Setting call duration limit to 240.000 seconds.`

The agent answered at 20:47:33 and the call was hangup at 20:52:15, so they are more than 240 seconds. I can’t explain the reason

did anybody bump in to this scnario ?

I’m not sure that I’d expect the L option to survive the end of the Dial application execution!

what would be the remedy ? setting it in the g option contex ?

That would depend on the detailed requirement, but you might want to look at:


yes that worked i implemented in the G option thank you

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